Transforming your life doesn’t have to be difficult.

You don’t have to suffer, or work hard.

You do have to choose it. 





BEING THE QUEEn of your castle

“Off with their heads” may have been a popular approach in the past, but it has nothing to do with being a true Queen. Your castle is as big or as small as your world is. Being the Queen of that world is an invitation to be as courageous, as vulnerable and as graceful as you are at your greatest.


Starts 13 May 2019


Choices for Creating a Wealthy Life

How does a poverty-stricken Scottish child grow into a lady who co-owns an Italian castle? You might imagine it’s all about creating money. That’s what most people think... and they only have half the story!


21-23 June 2019, St Peterburg, Russia




one on one

What would you like to change? Here are just a few of the transformations I assist my clients with. If what you desire isn’t listed here, please ask me what’s possible!


Stop settling for less (and discover you don’t have a money problem)
Raising your kids to be leaders
Living a wealthy life even if you start with nothing
Being kind in an unkind world (without being a doormat)
Making the choice to be wealthy
Getting everything you want & have people contribute to you
Inviting different possibilities and new adventures into your life
Stop destroying your relationships
Allowing your presence to lead
Having more of you
Enjoying the gifts of connecting with your body and the earth.


45 minute sessions |  300€ per session

Package of 6 x 45 minute sessions  |  1500€ (paid up front - to be used within six months of payment date)







I live with an elegance and a simplicity that goes beyond wealth. Occasionally I open up my home for a client to visit for a day or three, to experience a totally different way of living. 

If you are ready… 

  • To expand your presence in the world. 

  • To be the leader you know is possible. 

  • To own any room you walk into. 

  • To cut to the essence of what needs to change in your life (and change it!). 

  • To never put up with being treated like a doormat again. 

  • To have people gift to you for the pleasure of you receiving. 

  • To increase your sexual energy and capacity to receive. 

  • To embrace an elegance of being that makes your life easy and full of joy.

  • To be nurtured in a multitude of ways…

Join me for an Elegance of Living Private Retreat.

These retreats are 1-1 and are based on your choices for a different future. 

They are held in Casalborgone, Italy (or elsewhere by mutual agreement). 

3000€ per day per person (excluding meals, accommodation & travel expenses)