Access Consciousness Foundation

with Moira Bramley

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The Foundation of Access Consciousness® invites you to bring your awareness closer to what you’ve always known is true. As you remove the layers of unawareness and unconsciousness, your energetic awareness emerges and you stop functioning only from thinking. Before you could talk or think your first language was energy. Welcome home!

After learning the Access Consciousness Bars, this four day class gives you the space to look at your life as a different possibility. Energetic clearing is used to build on what was learned in the Bars class.

It begins the process of getting you free of the limiting thoughts and patterns that you can’t seem to shake. Unlock your limitations about embodiment, finances, success, relationships, family, YOU and your capacities and much more! 

Step into greater possibilities for having everything you truly desire in life as you learn tools and questions to change anything that’s not working for you. 

When you ask a question rather than jump to conclusion, everything that has been slowing you down and keeping you stuck can change. 


What if your life is meant to be an adventure?

If you’d like to attend a Foundation class with me, please email me for upcoming dates. Foundation classes are available in Casalborgone, Italy and throughout the world by prior arrangement. You must attend a Bars class before you take the Access Consciousness Foundation class.

(Please note there are minimum numbers required if I travel for the class. If you are interested in hosting me to facilitate a Bars or Foundation class please contact me.)

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