to change anything in your life.


When you embrace energetic creation and communication, your reality becomes entirely different!

What energy, space and consciousness can I be to have clarity and ease with money and wealth?
What energies am I aware of right now?
Are they mine?
How much awareness am I refusing?
What lies am I using to limit the energy I could be choosing?
What energies am I refusing that I could be using to create more?


If you’ve already decided the answer, you don’t have a question, you have a conclusion with a question mark on the end of the sentence! Here’s some questions that are actually questions…

How many fixed points of view do I have stopping me from creating what would work for me?
What evidence have I collected that may not be true?
What possibility is presenting itself to me that looks like a problem?
Have I made this a necessity rather than a choice?
What different possibilities am I refusing to be aware of?
How does it get better than this? (It always can… no matter how good you have it!)

Take a situation you’d like to change and ask these questions:

How do I get around this?What's right about this I'm not getting?
What can I add to my life today that would change this right away?
What do I know about this that I’m pretending not to know or denying that I know?
What other choice do I have here that I’ve not yet acknowledged?
What can I be and do to change this?


What if you are not nearly as ‘bad’ as you’ve concluded? What if there’s another way forward and it starts with allowing yourself to BE (instead of being right or wrong!).

What pain am I trying to avoid by judging me
What role am I playing
What’s the gift of me that I haven’t acknowledged?
How can I be greater than I was yesterday?
What can I be grateful to me for today? 




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