How To Stop Settling For Less And Making The Choice To Be Wealthy!

choice money question wealth Mar 01, 2023

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When you’ve been through financial difficulties or grown up poor, generating a different financial future can feel impossible. Where do you start when all you’ve known is the energy of ‘not having enough’?

If you’ve always had enough to be comfortable, it’s tempting to settle for what you have, after all, so many people have less than you and it’s not good to be greedy!

If you’ve ever found yourself making these kinds of choices, you’re familiar with the energy of settling for less than you can have.

Wealth is an energy of abundance – not of money, or material possessions, or even health or happiness. An abundance of choices, of generative energies, of your capacity to create a different future is what really makes a difference. It’s an abundance of possibilities where you say yes to everything that can create a greater life.

I grew up in extreme poverty. When you walk to school in the snow with holes in your shoes and there isn’t always enough to eat, it’s easy to expect that to continue to be your future. Except that I knew that was not enough for me. Even as a teenager with learning difficulties, I knew there was a greater life available for me. I refused to settle for the limitations I was born with and I refused to settle for a future that was no greater than my past.

My first business was buying and selling second-hand furniture. I didn’t care what I did as long as it was moving me out of poverty and into new possibilities. I wasn’t willing to settle for less when I could see so many other people enjoying so much more than I had.

Once I became wealthy it was so easy to settle for less than I could have. After all, I had plenty, so settling for less gave me no hardship. It also gave me very little desire for living. I had to discover what I am truly asking for as my life!

How do you stop settling for less?

Stop expecting to receive only a little (or none) of what you’re asking for. Instead, begin to explore what would it be like to receive far more than you can imagine?

Stop being invisible. Once you make an ask, show up for every choice that brings more presence to your request. The more you show up, so will what you are asking for!

Stop saying yes when you mean no. We’re entrained to say yes in case that offer is all that comes. You’ll create more wealth if you only say yes to whatever matches the energy of what you most desire. This leaves space for more of that to come.

Stop saying no because you imagine you’re not good enough, or you don’t deserve it, or it will take you too far out of your comfort zone. Saying no to adventures is saying no to wealth.

Stop putting all of your energy into imagining what you’ll do if your business doesn’t work. Start flowing your energy into expanding the possibilities. A great question to ask is “What’s possible here that I haven’t yet imagined?”

How do you make the choice to BE wealthy?

Start making more choices. Most of us live a repetitive life (or business) because we make the same or similar choices most days. A different choice opens doors that a predictable choice cannot. What can you choose that is different?

Be generative in your choices. So often we choose for other people and against ourselves. Being generative means being present to what your choice will create. Will it increase your wealth or will it diminish your capacity to live well? Your presence generates possibilities.

Bring YOU into your creations. Your uniqueness of you is what brings the magic in your business and your life. In honoring who you truly are, you bring a different energy to your ideas. That difference is marketing gold!

Bringing wealth into your world comes from using what you have to generate and create more. None of us have ‘nothing’ from which to create with.

Even if you don’t have money, you may have connections, or you may have a way with people, or you may have a capacity for tenacity, for never giving up no matter what! Are you willing to ask for what you desire? Or are you too busy whining about what you don’t have?

Just for one day, place all of your energy on having ‘more’. Be more. Choose more. Ask for more. Receive more. Explore what is possible when you expand what you are willing to receive. You may be surprised how many different ways you’ve been settling for less than what’s available!



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