How To Stop Settling For Less And Making The Choice To Be Wealthy!

choice money question wealth Mar 01, 2023

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When you’ve been through financial difficulties or grown up poor, generating a different financial future can feel impossible. Where do you start when all you’ve known is the energy of ‘not having enough’?

If you’ve always had enough to be comfortable, it’s tempting to settle for what you have, after all, so many people have less than you and it’s not good to be greedy!

If you’ve ever found yourself making these kinds of choices, you’re familiar with the energy of settling for less than you can have.

Wealth is an energy of abundance – not of money, or material possessions, or even health or happiness. An abundance of choices, of generative energies, of your capacity to create a different future is what really makes a difference. It’s an abundance of possibilities where you say yes to everything that can create a greater life.

I grew up in extreme poverty. When you walk to...

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Money Vs. Wealth: Tenets For Creating True Prosperity

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Being wealthy means more than just having money; Iy means shifting your mindset to embrace creativity, possibility, generosity, and gratitude.

We all imagine that we are choosing to have money, but is that true? If you are trying to make more money, if you are making it but aren’t keeping it, or if you have all the money you need but your life still seems empty, you may need to seek wealth instead of money.

The choice to have money is the beginning of becoming wealthy.

As a wealth creation coach, investor and facilitator for the global Access Consciousness® Wealth Creators program, my own life journey has taken me from the depths of poverty to the luxury of substantial affluence. I still maintain, however, that all the riches in the world cannot fulfil you if you don’t understand the true spirit of wealth.

Growing up in a mining town in Scotland, we were so poor I had holes in the soles of my shoes. I walked...

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