Breaking Free: Unleashing Your Brilliance Beyond Judgment and Fear

Everyone emits unique energies, and whether we acknowledge it or not, we're all attuned to it. You can feel the atmosphere when you walk into a room, sense gratitude from someone, or pick up on when something's off in someone's world. No thought is required; it's just how the world operates—through energy. It's like an invisible web connecting everything, including us, transmitting and receiving energy everywhere.

We've been taught that judgment is valuable and even necessary to navigate life—knowing what to let in and what to keep out, what to be aware of, and what we don’t want to be aware of. We believe we have to judge everything, including ourselves positively or negatively in various aspects of our lives—looks, social status, academic achievements, money in the bank, etc. And whatever we judge ourselves for we believe others will judge us for the same things, so we put up these invisible barriers, preventing others from reading us, and in doing that, we...

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