Breaking Free: Unleashing Your Brilliance Beyond Judgment and Fear

Everyone emits unique energies, and whether we acknowledge it or not, we're all attuned to it. You can feel the atmosphere when you walk into a room, sense gratitude from someone, or pick up on when something's off in someone's world. No thought is required; it's just how the world operates—through energy. It's like an invisible web connecting everything, including us, transmitting and receiving energy everywhere.

We've been taught that judgment is valuable and even necessary to navigate life—knowing what to let in and what to keep out, what to be aware of, and what we don’t want to be aware of. We believe we have to judge everything, including ourselves positively or negatively in various aspects of our lives—looks, social status, academic achievements, money in the bank, etc. And whatever we judge ourselves for we believe others will judge us for the same things, so we put up these invisible barriers, preventing others from reading us, and in doing that, we shut ourselves out. We pick up on others judgements of themselves and do not want to acknowledge this either. We know the discomfort it causes them and pretend that we are not aware of it - or we buy their judgements of themselves as our judgements of them. 

Society has conditioned us to believe that if we're not flawless (which is not a possibility within the collective unconsciousness, or otherwise), the way we need to change that is by judging ourselves. This is ironic, in that while we are judging anything, we have solidified the energy. When there is no question there is only the solidity of the conclusion, ie, there is no space, no malleability to change. It is a fixed conclusion that we are wrong or less than. Only allowance and question can free up the energy to change anything. We craft an image we believe we should show people and don’t allow them to see beyond that facade. Then we delude ourselves into believing that if we can be received as the false self, or if we are just judged positively, we won’t be rejected. Seemingly, we've forgotten that even if everyone in the world accepts our false self, it won't bring us fulfilment because it's not truly us. We are then telling ourselves we are a fraud. It is a fruitless endeavour. Unless we embrace ourselves with allowance, kindness, without judgment, we will not let people in, including ourselves; we are essentially rejecting ourselves by making judgment more valuable than ourselves.

Judgment is one of the biggest lies we've been programmed to fear, as is fear itself.  It's a tool for control. If you become too much or too little of anything, you'll be judged back into conformity. Largely, we have been taught, as if by osmosis, that alignment and agreement to limitation (keeping each other comfortable) is somehow kindness. 

Imagine your true nature being more like nature itself—pure energy, space, and consciousness, effortlessly responding to every aspect of life (being energetically congruent is of the utmost necessity) with maximum effect and minimal effort. It seems deceptively simple, doesn't it? But here's the catch: our capacity to think has been elevated to an exaggerated importance and value and in our increased confusion, we granted it undue executive power.

Unchecked, this thinking runs rampant, fuelling beliefs of implanted lack and fear, and driving corrupt politics, wars, and the destruction of our planet. We’ve succumbed to a cycle of either complacency or power-seeking, too engulfed in our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to grasp the reality of what's truly happening. We are ignoring us as energy, space and consciousness living inside our heads. 

Reflect on interacting with a young child or animal, functioning from curiosity and inquiry, yet untainted by judgment. Contrast this with the conditioning we undergo as we get older, taught to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad, to fit in and to always seek the correct answers, fearing not having them and being or appearing incompetent.  We conform, ceasing to question, losing curiosity, settling into the belief that the lack of possibilities is “That is just how life is." 

Our immense creative capacity is stifled by fear, born from our learned limitations in our lack of ability to create. We mistakenly believe security comes from having everything in order, hoarding what we conclude is the best life we can have. Feel the energy of "having a life." Now contrast it with the energy of ‘living.’ When you're fully present in the moment, you transcend the programming of the mind, becoming conscious of yourself as energy, space, and consciousness. Ignoring energy is denying your very being to a set of predefined definitions, points of view and judgements. 

Let's begin by delving into the nature of space, contrasting it with the pervasive influence of judgment, which serves as the foundation of society. Perceive the peace and vastness of nature, where one can feel relaxed away from the hustle and bustle of human activity. Now, contrast this with a crowded train station or government building. The disparity lies in the presence or absence of judgment. Judgement is pure energy tainted and solidified. We have been told that we have to have points of view to prove who we are. Not true. What if we just had the awareness and allowance of everything and only took action, energetic or otherwise that was required to create what we desired to create, interacting with the energy and consciousness of each moment? Allowance does not mean you be a doormat. (This is a whole other blog)

Judgment, being a point of view, confines our awareness to only those points, rendering us unable to perceive the vastness of space in the world and the universe. We become limited in what is possible for us, ignoring the abundance of space. New possibilities abound in this space, but accessing them requires questioning. The tragedy is, in effect, we shrink ourselves down to our points of view, disavowing the majority of our brilliant being, as we are the space between the molecules, not our points of view. Moreover, our inherent creativity, vast and boundless, becomes stifled by the fear instilled in us (that we continue to perpetrate on ourselves daily)—fear of lack, of separation, ironically perpetuated by the very teachings that impart this sense of scarcity and division. We erroneously equate security with the accumulation of knowledge and possessions, hoarding them in a futile attempt to find solace. 

At this moment, I haven't discovered more potent and comprehensive tools than those provided by Access Consciousness. They illuminate the illusion of societal conditioning, enabling us to immediately start freeing ourselves from the hooks that have led us to believe we are less than we truly are, and that these limitations are true. What if you could live unfettered brilliance and possibility?

Now, contemplate the distinction between the energy of "having a life" and the vitality of simply "living." Which of these energies resonates more deeply with you?


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