How to Deal with a Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those mornings where things seem to start off badly as soon as you open your eyes? You wake up cold as the covers are mostly on the floor. You stub your toe on the door as you head from the bedroom to the bathroom. The toothpaste you are attempting to put on your toothbrush ends up on the floor. Everything within your first few wakening moments seems to be headed in a bad direction. What if this beginning to a seemingly “bad day” did not have to continue in that direction? Even if your bad day is far more “significant” than toothpaste on the floor, what if a bad day was nothing more than your decision that made it progress into a bad day? What if you could change it immediately?

Whether it is a breakup of a relationship or spending hours trying to work out how to do something on your computer or going through your finances and realising you have less money than you thought, contrary to what you have likely been taught, it is not what...

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