How to Deal with a Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those mornings where things seem to start off badly as soon as you open your eyes? You wake up cold as the covers are mostly on the floor. You stub your toe on the door as you head from the bedroom to the bathroom. The toothpaste you are attempting to put on your toothbrush ends up on the floor. Everything within your first few wakening moments seems to be headed in a bad direction. What if this beginning to a seemingly “bad day” did not have to continue in that direction? Even if your bad day is far more “significant” than toothpaste on the floor, what if a bad day was nothing more than your decision that made it progress into a bad day? What if you could change it immediately?

Whether it is a breakup of a relationship or spending hours trying to work out how to do something on your computer or going through your finances and realising you have less money than you thought, contrary to what you have likely been taught, it is not what...

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Are you a slave to feelings?

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I used to be a slave to my feelings, (most people are and don't know it). This was largely a result of not realising that I was incredibly sensitive to others' thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We all are, to a certain degree. We simply don't allow ourselves to recognise or acknowledge it. Ninety-eight percent of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions don't belong to us. We put barriers up, trying to keep energetic information out, as we believe it will affect us negatively. It's a myth that you need to protect yourself from others' energies. It's not acknowledging that you are aware of them and that they are not yours, which results in you becoming unconscious of their effect.

I started 5 years ago to get present with how feelings were affecting my life and have become much more aware of their destructiveness. In the last six months since receiving more information from Access Consciousness about what holds feelings in...

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Money Vs. Wealth: Tenets For Creating True Prosperity

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Being wealthy means more than just having money; Iy means shifting your mindset to embrace creativity, possibility, generosity, and gratitude.

We all imagine that we are choosing to have money, but is that true? If you are trying to make more money, if you are making it but aren’t keeping it, or if you have all the money you need but your life still seems empty, you may need to seek wealth instead of money.

The choice to have money is the beginning of becoming wealthy.

As a wealth creation coach, investor and facilitator for the global Access Consciousness® Wealth Creators program, my own life journey has taken me from the depths of poverty to the luxury of substantial affluence. I still maintain, however, that all the riches in the world cannot fulfil you if you don’t understand the true spirit of wealth.

Growing up in a mining town in Scotland, we were so poor I had holes in the soles of my shoes. I walked...

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Does our body create its ever-changing self, by itself?

Have you ever wondered how your body gets created?

Do you believe it just happens by itself? Or something else?

Your body is co-creating with you? We actually be a major part in how our bodies evolve. And we have been indoctrinated and entrain to not being present enough to know this.

Your body has its own consciousness, and takes on energies that you embody (usually plagierized) and what you are projecting at it? It takes it as an order.

As we walk through the world, we and our bodies perceive the energies other people be with their bodies -  and we believe it to be ours and our bodies! It SO seems like it is!

And as we do that, our bodies start to create more of what we are embodying.(Embodiment is everything in this reality you buy as true - you hold it as energy in your body).

We often begin to not like, very much, what we see (not being like airbrushed magazine images) which includes marks on the body, being too fat or too thin, ageing and then we start to...

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What if you could change - the unchangeable?

As I sat in my hotel this morning having breakfast - listening to a family of 2 parents and 3 children, truly honouring and receiving each other - I contemplated just how many people don’t know they are actually missing being taught how to connect with themselves and engage with others in a loving, honouring way.  

95% of us have had insufficient parenting, lacking the education and nurturance required for us to make conscious choices to create living as the pleasure it could be.

We come into this world as chaos: play, joy, curiosity, creativity and magic! We require to be taught what order is, and when to use it. But parents are mostly programmed to strictly control us into SO MUCH order that it is impossible not to lose who we actually are. 

We are taught that our parents are in charge of us and that we should be obedient and conform to fit in with what is right and wrong, good and bad. That we should live in the image that they see fit.

Don’t lie, or be...

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Working Hard & Getting Nowhere - What Else?

How many people do you know who work hard doing jobs they don’t enjoy just for the money? They go from job to job their whole lives with the point of view of ‘That’s just the way it is’.

What if there was something totally different available beyond the judgements and conclusions we have been programmed to function from?

We choose to work hard and function from conclusion instead of enjoying our lives and enjoying our being!

We have not been taught that we are energy and everything is energy and that we create with and as energy.

We’ve not been taught that when we are present and receiving energetically it nurtures our body and soul. So we ‘work’ from the space of doing instead of creating from the joy of our being.

This is why so many people are living unfulfilled lives. When you live from conclusion, you have slowed the energy down so much that you think you can’t create and everything is heavy and not fun.

When you function from...

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