Are you a slave to feelings?

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I used to be a slave to my feelings, (most people are and don't know it). This was largely a result of not realising that I was incredibly sensitive to others' thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We all are, to a certain degree. We simply don't allow ourselves to recognise or acknowledge it. Ninety-eight percent of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions don't belong to us. We put barriers up, trying to keep energetic information out, as we believe it will affect us negatively. It's a myth that you need to protect yourself from others' energies. It's not acknowledging that you are aware of them and that they are not yours, which results in you becoming unconscious of their effect.

I started 5 years ago to get present with how feelings were affecting my life and have become much more aware of their destructiveness. In the last six months since receiving more information from Access Consciousness about what holds feelings in...

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Does our body create its ever-changing self, by itself?

Have you ever wondered how your body gets created?

Do you believe it just happens by itself? Or something else?

Your body is co-creating with you? We actually be a major part in how our bodies evolve. And we have been indoctrinated and entrain to not being present enough to know this.

Your body has its own consciousness, and takes on energies that you embody (usually plagierized) and what you are projecting at it? It takes it as an order.

As we walk through the world, we and our bodies perceive the energies other people be with their bodies -  and we believe it to be ours and our bodies! It SO seems like it is!

And as we do that, our bodies start to create more of what we are embodying.(Embodiment is everything in this reality you buy as true - you hold it as energy in your body).

We often begin to not like, very much, what we see (not being like airbrushed magazine images) which includes marks on the body, being too fat or too thin, ageing and then we start to...

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