Are you a slave to feelings?

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I used to be a slave to my feelings, (most people are and don't know it). This was largely a result of not realising that I was incredibly sensitive to others' thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We all are, to a certain degree. We simply don't allow ourselves to recognise or acknowledge it. Ninety-eight percent of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions don't belong to us. We put barriers up, trying to keep energetic information out, as we believe it will affect us negatively. It's a myth that you need to protect yourself from others' energies. It's not acknowledging that you are aware of them and that they are not yours, which results in you becoming unconscious of their effect.

I started 5 years ago to get present with how feelings were affecting my life and have become much more aware of their destructiveness. In the last six months since receiving more information from Access Consciousness about what holds feelings in place (watch the big 5 on my vlogs) I have made significant, enjoyable progress. I thought I was my feelings and that people would prove how much they cared or didn't care by relating to and making allowances for my feelings. I was so volatile to the extent I thought I was crazy..

Most behaviours we engage with, most behaviours we act out, anchor us in a whole system of agreed-upon beliefs and behaviours we believe are normal, valuable, real and necessary in order to fit in and relate to others, and for others to relate to us. This system has feelings as the lynchpin to maintain the false connectedness that is an unkind, dysfunctional, symbiotic relationship, which keeps us in judgment and therefore separates us from ourselves and each other.

We are all one, having an energetic awareness of each other that you see in a flock of birds, a school of fish, or a herd of horses; but we have been taught to ignore that and function in a very artificial way that makes us believe we have no energetic awareness. And yet we put barriers up to energies we have been taught to judge as wrong. I will try to simplify the complex concept of 'feelings' to the best of my ability to explain how we have allowed them to run our lives.

It's simple to change this belief but not easy. It requires working with determined diligence from a desire to have more intimacy with yourself and others from a different space of awareness, and to be greater than what you have been programmed to think you are. We have been made to believe that memories of our experiences are more valuable than they are.

Research has shown that we rarely remember things exactly as they happened. We put our spin on our memories. My sister and I, for example, after comparing many stories, realised that we were present in the same room for the same events; one of us was traumatised by it, whilst the other would remember it, but have no point of view about it.

This is because we put everything through our own sets of filters based on the conclusions of right and wrong, good and bad, comfortable or uncomfortable. We also exclude everything we have been told is judgeable.  I started to scrutinise everything that triggered 'my feelings', and when I was aware of the feelings of others that I thought were mine.

We are taught to form opinions based on conclusions that are based on our past experiences or what others tell us is true. This is based on their past experiences or what they were taught about the world, and we end up living either in the dark cave of our minds or being at the effect of people and things that have nothing to do with us therefore do not have true awareness of the present moment.

Triggers are sensory, neurological, and energetic stimuli that evoke uncomfortable memories from the past, sometimes a long time ago. They are not real or happening in the present, yet they cause your body to react with the same cascade of biochemical responses that may have occurred as long as two decades ago.

Your body feels, and then you, the being/spirit/soul, perceive (you are not your body). So, for example, if you walk into a room and people there are sad, you are aware of the energy, and you perceive the sadness and think 'I feel sad.'

We use feelings to justify our thinking and thinking to justify our feelings; either can come first. When you are overwhelmed with feelings, there is nothing else in your awareness - you are oblivious to the unconsciousness, and do not realise you are in a loop of insanity going on between your head and body. In short, you are unconscious.

You are in conclusion and on auto-pilot. You have just disavowed yourself as a present, conscious being. You are made of energy, space, and consciousness, not feelings or sets of definitions or judgements based on your past experiences or behaviour.

Most of us have made these feelings so valuable to ensure that we don't experience discomfort again. In doing this repeatedly, we have raised energetic, invisible barriers, of which we are mostly unaware. This leaves us uninformed and limited in our lives.

We become addicted to our personal behaviour patterns and experiences that perpetuate these feelings, which maintain our established identity, so we don't veer off our roles. It's familiar and 'comfortable', even when we are being destructive to ourselves and our lives, and those of others.

One of the most commonly perceived energies across the globe is that people view themselves as impostors, intrinsically flawed, and not good enough. We even manipulate evidence to recreate the feelings that we claim we dislike.

We make choices toward what matches our ideas about ourselves. For example, "I am greedy for liking and wanting more money". That might have been instilled in you from your family's own experiences, and now you believe it to be your point of view!

We turn these conclusions into decisions. For instance, "I am not going to make money important in my life. I am going to avoid having anything to do with money beyond what is necessary." Or, "I don't want to be a nuisance or disliked, so I am going to withdraw and avoid asking for what I want. I am not worthy of that."

How many feelings are you using to cling to your past? Are you changing who you are to please others and their opinions? Is it stopping you from living your life the way you want?

Here is a starting tool that can help shift your awareness: when you feel uncomfortable, simply ask, "Who does this belong to?" You may ask this several times. You're not looking for an answer. Rather, you're asking to perceive change in energy. If it lightens, it is consciousnesses way of informing you that it doesn't belong to you but is just your perception. You are now conscious of the surrounding energies.

Check out for more information on how to start changing it.

Your behaviour changes your awareness and neurology, and changing your neurology changes your awareness and your behaviour.



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