Does our body create its ever-changing self, by itself?

Have you ever wondered how your body gets created?

Do you believe it just happens by itself? Or something else?

Your body is co-creating with you? We actually be a major part in how our bodies evolve. And we have been indoctrinated and entrain to not being present enough to know this.

Your body has its own consciousness, and takes on energies that you embody (usually plagierized) and what you are projecting at it? It takes it as an order.

As we walk through the world, we and our bodies perceive the energies other people be with their bodies -  and we believe it to be ours and our bodies! It SO seems like it is!

And as we do that, our bodies start to create more of what we are embodying.(Embodiment is everything in this reality you buy as true - you hold it as energy in your body).

We often begin to not like, very much, what we see (not being like airbrushed magazine images) which includes marks on the body, being too fat or too thin, ageing and then we start to disown parts and pieces or all of our body and separate from it! 

Hence what occurs when we separate from our bodies we separate from parts of our being AND our power and potency.

We begin to not like very much what we see (which includes marks on the body, being too fat or too thin, ageing; buying the energy of time) and then start to separate from what we don’t like and disown it!

Hence, what occurs is that we have to separate from our bodies, AND parts of our being AND our power and potency.

When I was a teenager, I could not physically perceive my legs. I had totally separated from them. That was my mother’s point of view, not mine - me and my body were just incredibly aware. I actually loved how my legs looked but had chosen to be separate from them, just because it seemed so very real!

What do I mean by separate from our bodies, and this part of our being?

Your body, amongst many other things, is an expression of you, the being, which includes the things you’re aware of that you buy as yours.

When you judge your body (as most people on the planet do), you have to cut off the connection to that powerful part of your being that is in denial that you are actually the one judging, and creating the separation. AND that you have and be the power to change it!

How can you begin to reclaim that power, and your capacity to have the joy of co-creating with your body?

Start like this.

Put your hands on the part of your body that you are judging and separating from and ask for an awareness and connection with it, and at the same time, your being……..the energy that chooses to co-create with the body to walk, laugh and sing -  the power that is ordering your body to be exactly what you’re energetically ordering it to be. 

And say, energetically, as much as you can, ‘I am creating you exactly as I am trying to avoid you being by putting so much energy into avoiding what I don’t want you to be, and thereby ordering you to be it’.

And be the energy of kindness and gentleness and totally connect. And apologise to it. Every time you find yourself judging and separating, know you are actually ordering your body to be a certain way and then blaming it for being so brilliant when it listens and be’s what you are ordering it to be!

We have been taught to judge a body for being a body!

Would you be willing to go beyond this reality and care more about you and your body than the insane campaign against bodies on this planet?!

Are you willing to be the anomaly that will change our world to the kindness and brilliance that we would like to live with and as?


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