What if you could change - the unchangeable?

As I sat in my hotel this morning having breakfast - listening to a family of 2 parents and 3 children, truly honouring and receiving each other - I contemplated just how many people don’t know they are actually missing being taught how to connect with themselves and engage with others in a loving, honouring way.  

95% of us have had insufficient parenting, lacking the education and nurturance required for us to make conscious choices to create living as the pleasure it could be.

We come into this world as chaos: play, joy, curiosity, creativity and magic! We require to be taught what order is, and when to use it. But parents are mostly programmed to strictly control us into SO MUCH order that it is impossible not to lose who we actually are. 

We are taught that our parents are in charge of us and that we should be obedient and conform to fit in with what is right and wrong, good and bad. That we should live in the image that they see fit.

Don’t lie, or be too too loud, silly, sure of yourself, trustful, demanding, vulnerable or aware of peoples’ business (don’t eavesdrop!)…

Be honest, but keep your thoughts to yourself (in case they upset someone), be studious - get good grades, be consistent, fit in……………

We soon learn that we have to hide our true selves. 

As children, if what we perceive, know, be and receive is not acknowledged or made valuable, we start to deny our very being and become these denied selves, connecting only through judgement.  

So we walk around feeling like frauds, hiding our true selves and being so disconnected that it seems very difficult and even torturous to connect again.  

And to add to that, we leave parts of ourselves behind at times we have experienced trauma during childhood. We get stuck at that age - that time and place. Do you notice you revert to a younger age when presented with certain energies or situations?

We try to fill this emptiness with the pursuit of money, places, people and things.  Everything and anything outside of us.

Is it any wonder we make those things more valuable than ourselves?

Is now the time for you to start connecting with you again?

Is it time to become the vulnerable, playful curious, child that does not have a judgement of you or anyone else?

Is it possible to start parenting yourself the way you would like to have been parented?

And to function again from the wonder of what is possible?

How are you treating you?


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