Becoming Aware of the Power You Refuse

The earth thrums with a power that is undeniable. So do you – when you allow it. It’s not something you ‘try’ to be or do. It’s the energy YOU be when you allow the intensity of connection and communion with everything. It’s life-force energy.

The thrum is your power and potency. There is no separation between you, the earth and the Universe, except for that which your head and the awareness of energies around you that you buy as real.

You can choose to stop the thrum, trickle it out like a party trick, or to allow it to emerge full throttle.

Your choices and awareness amplify possibilities. The constant discord and disharmony is where we actually know that we’re choosing a virtual reality – and we keep choosing it because we don’t want to be dangerous or undesirable in a society that values conformity and powerlessness.

You in your full power is the kind of dangerous that you’ve always aspired to, but weren’t willing to claim, own and acknowledge just in case you blow up the world. What if the world needs a wake-up call right now? For some people there’s a double whammy – they fear being killed for having power.

Money is power. Sexual energy is power. Money is sexual energy. The thrum is sexual energy. Energy is power. You are energy. You are power. There is no separation of anything. We compartmentalise everything to create and conform to control.

How much money and sexual energy are you refusing to receive so that you don’t have to die or blow up the world? Of course you are sure there are ‘good reasons’ for your fears. Fear and excitement are the same physiologically. Are you actually excited to be the power you truly are?

Thrum silencers include fitting in, not choosing, refusing to have your awareness be dominant. Constantly pulling others into the limitations of the collective unconscious and comfortable status quo. All the things we do to avoid being the change we can be that the world so desperately requires. We avoid being, what we have been conditioned to believe is, too much. We are forces of nature creating forces of limitation. Will you be one of the people who choose a new way of being in the world? 

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