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Who does it belong to?

What is right about this that I am not getting?

Asking the question, ‘What is right about this that I am not getting?’ will open you up to more awareness and choice. If you be the question, ‘How does it get better than this?’ you add the universe gifting miracles to you.

Keep in your awareness:

1. If you resist what is occurring in your life, you create even more difficulty and cut off any possible awareness of being able to create beyond problems.
2. If you are not functioning from question you are cutting off your awareness and your receiving.
3. Remember, 90% of your asks are not cognitive.
4. Whatever energy you have in your world is an ask.
5. If you have put a time frame on when or how anything will show up you have put barriers up to being able to be gifted to.
6. You need to ask and let go - i.e don’t make it significant. That is solidifying the movement of the molecules, therefore the possibility of magic being created.
7. These tools will work for everyone else except you.


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