The Big 5


The Big 5 - that keep you looping in to the imprisonment of the collective unconsciousness.

4 Elements to Have Money

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When I was a child there was always a sense of lack of food let alone anything else. By age ten I realised that I did not have to live the rest of my life like this and chose money.

All I did was choose. Truly, all I did was choose. I didn’t do anything.

It showed up when I was 14. Only now am I playing with ALL of the elements, the ones that didn’t interest me at the time (that would have me commit to my life)

Are you ready to explore you having more money and more of you in your life?

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Perfectionism is so much more pervasive than we can acknowledge at a glance. When we have this insanity going on we literally cannot enjoy life!

We always have to look at what we don’t like about ourselves, everybody and everything, I constantly ask now to perceive all from beyond this reality, from the beauty that is there.

And it is everywhere. What you put your attention on you get more of.

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What you become more vulnerable to is awareness, not danger.

Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be.

When you drop the barriers you have to receiving anything, you start to receive your body and you the being. You open many doors that were shutting out your life force and your body and being start to be more alive.

But you can’t choose it. You are not willing to be that powerful 😊

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Having Your Own Reality

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If you do not create your reality beyond the ‘norm’ you will have to function from squashing and twisting yourself into the contraction of this reality, which is facts, judgement, logic and limitation.

You have to choose to create you, and your reality in every second. 
What would it take to perceive yourself beyond this reality?

What would it take to function from asking a question every minute? 

Who does this belong to? 
Is this relevant to what I am shooting to create me and my reality as?

If I get involved with this energy will it expand my being and my life or contract it?

If you are not in question you will be in default, which will most likely be the energies that surround you or that you are habituating!

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Interesting Point of View, I have this Point of View

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Your point of view is all you can see - nothing else exists, because you already have the right answer.

Ask this over and over until you start to get a sense of space and the awareness that the foundation of this reality is judgement and you are never going to win.

You can’t fit into to everyone's point of view - just the collective unconscious, correct points of view.

Every point of view is a contraction of your being - it cuts off you from you and you from possibilities.

Power of Words


We have a reflexive response to pretty much every engagement we have with everyone. If you run this process it will start to come into your awareness.

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Eating and Living, or Eating and Dying?

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When you eat food your body requires - which is actually what desire is - your taste buds explode energies in different parts of your body, creating more space, energy, and joyful yummy sensations. You’re connecting to the molecules and energies of living, rather than ignoring your body.

When you eat food from the belief that you are consuming calories and proteins, carbohydrates etc, ie computations and lies, you are being violent to your body, to the planet and to living. You are ignoring energy, your body, space and consciousness, ie living.

A very different reality- beyond this reality.

What if this was a necessary element to stepping into greatness and living?

Reaction or Action?

We have been taught how to feel and emote as babies. By age 2 we know how to make people ‘feel’, react.

We learn that force, i.e. tantrums, sometimes gets us what we want. We learn that victim work sometimes too. We buy that the only other response to not being in reaction is alignment and agreement. Are they truly rewarding? Or are they what keeps us looping back into the lower harmonics of this reality?

Action would be ACKNOWLEDGING that you are choosing judgement. Asking a question is an action - it takes you out of reaction.  What would it take to get the awareness that choosing this judgement is what is actually keeping me stuck from ever having the awareness that this is this realities way of keeping me trapped in the lie that I am less than the greatness that I actually am? Everything that is destroy and uncreate it…. Be careful, you might become greater!

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Sexual Energy

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Sexualness - The energy of life, what you feel in nature, no judgement, the nurturing, caring healing, joy and expansiveness.

Sexuality - A contraction of sexualness and awareness into judgement. It creates a limitation of possibilities. It is always a diminishment of what you are willing to receive. When you do sexuality you cannot have and be the contribution of energy that is truly you.

Be an anomaly and be greater than what is not true or real.

What is right about this that I am not getting?

Asking the question, ‘What is right about this that I am not getting?’ will open you up to more awareness and choice. If you be the question, ‘How does it get better than this?’ you add the universe gifting miracles to you.

Keep in your awareness:
If you resist what is occurring in your life, you create even more difficulty and cut off any possible awareness of being able to create beyond problems.
If you are not functioning from question you are cutting off your awareness and your receiving.
Remember, 90% of your asks are not cognitive.
Whatever energy you have in your world is an ask.
If you have put a time frame on when or how anything will show up you have put barriers up to being able to be gifted to.
You need to ask and let go - i.e don’t make it significant. That is solidifying the movement of the molecules, therefore the possibility of magic being created.
These tools will work for everyone else except you.

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Who does it belong to?

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  1. Acknowledge that you are a godzillion times more aware than you are actually acknowledging.
  2. 98% of what you are perceiving is everyone's thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  3. You perceive, your body feels.
  4. If you do not acknowledge no. 3 you will create head shit to match your body’s awareness.
  5. Are you willing to have the peace and be that different?
  6. Worrying never creates more - question does.

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