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Breaking Free: Unleashing Your Brilliance Beyond Judgment and Fear

Judgment, being a point of view, confines our awareness to only those points, rendering us unable to perceive the vastness of space in the world and the universe.

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How to Deal with a Bad Day

Have you ever had one of those mornings where things seem to start off badly as soon as you open your eyes? You wake up cold as the covers are mostly on the floor. You stub your toe on the door as you head from the bedroom to the bathroom.

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Love or True Caring

Apart from thinking, feelings are the greatest way we handicap ourselves. We have been indoctrinated to believe the opposite is true and that thoughts and feelings are not only necessary in navigating life’s choices, but the superior way. 

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Are you a slave to feelings?

I used to be a slave to my feelings, (most people are and don't know it). This was largely a result of not realising that I was incredibly sensitive to others' thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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Showing Our Children Wealth And Business

We are encouraged not to talk about it. And with that, we tend not to learn about how it works and end up not enjoying it even when we have it. And this is what we often unthinkingly pass on to our children.

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Finally Becoming Aware of What my Brilliant Son Has Been Trying to Show me for Years

I was crying. Happy tears. Happy tears, mixed with sadness, and an intense desire for the world to see the possibilities beyond the problems associated with an autism diagnosis.

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Money Vs. Wealth: Tenets For Creating True Prosperity

Being wealthy means more than just having money; Iy means shifting your mindset to embrace creativity, possibility, generosity, and gratitude.

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Are you making your kids stupid?

Good school grades in “important” subjects, university degrees, and safe career paths that do not challenge the status quo. All of this is what the majority of us were taught is most desirable, and what we may unthinkingly pass on to our children and make important for them.

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Does our body create its ever-changing self, by itself?

Have you ever wondered how your body gets created?

Do you believe it just happens by itself? Or something else?

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What if you could change - the unchangeable?

As I sat in my hotel this morning having breakfast - listening to a family of 2 parents and 3 children, truly honouring and receiving each other - I contemplated just how many people don’t know they are actually missing being taught how to connect with themselves and engage with others in a loving, honouring way.  

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Working Hard & Getting Nowhere - What Else?

How many people do you know who work hard doing jobs they don’t enjoy just for the money? They go from job to job their whole lives with the point of view of ‘That’s just the way it is’.

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Are You Surviving or Thriving?

What Contribution is and Why is it Essential to Success 

Have you looked around at things such as health systems, the judicial systems, education systems, government and marriage… and known there had to be something greater available?

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Becoming Aware of the Power You Refuse

The earth thrums with a power that is undeniable. So do you – when you allow it. It’s not something you ‘try’ to be or do. It’s the energy YOU be when you allow the intensity of connection and communion with everything. It’s life-force energy.

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Restoring Your Connection with the Earth

I recently watched ‘One Strange Rock’ on Netflix – a film told through the perspective of astronauts and narrated by Will Smith. It was such an incredible reminder that we live on a stunningly beautiful planet, and that our bodies are made for THIS planet –  our bodies need gravity, the biome, the energies, rhythms and everything else this planet requires to thrive!

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Being Space

When you are in the ocean, or in a forest, you perceive space and peace. What you’ve been making significant becomes less important and so you become aware of yourself as space and peace.

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