Are You Surviving or Thriving?

What Contribution is and Why is it Essential to Success 

Have you looked around at things such as health systems, the judicial systems, education systems, government and marriage… and known there had to be something greater available? Have you ever witnessed injustice or unkindness and desired to create a different possibility in the world? What would it be like if we lived in a world where everyone and everything was included and nothing and no one was left out – especially you?

Much of this reality functions from unconsciousness which is exclusion rather than inclusion. The collective unconsciousness which is the shared morals, principles, values, and points of view of people’s value says that you are included or excluded  based on your social status, your profession, your level of education, your colour, your gender, and on and on it goes. The collective unconsciousness dictates what you are allowed to receive based on its judgment of you and so you have learned to live your life on a surface level never diving deep into your being and life to see what actually is true about you and your choices. When you get very present and intimate with yourself, your body, and everyone and everything around you, you will no longer be at the effect of this reality. You start to thrive as opposed to survive.  

A key to thriving despite the insanity of this reality is being and receiving contribution. Everything in the universe is energy, including you, and nothing is separate. These are facts that scientists and a majority of people now know. Science class in school teaches us about energy and about molecules. What it doesn’t teach us is how to use energy to create.

Every molecule in the Universe desires to contribute to you. The question is, how much are you willing to receive? Increasing your receiving requires a level of courage. Increasing your receiving demands a vulnerability and the willingness to be uncomfortable.   

Acknowledging Your Being 

Have you ever been a part of project or a creation and worked hard to prove to the others involved that your contribution was enough? Ever found that no matter how hard you worked and how much time you put in, it was never enough? (For you?) Most people are confused about what contribution is. They think it is about effort, about getting things done. Contribution is not about what you do. Contribution is about you the being. It doesn’t exclude doing.

Were you ever acknowledged for your very being and the energy you contributed to people, places and things? Would you choose to acknowledge that now? For e.g. if you had a lot of gratitude and affection for your grandma, what contribution was that to her life? Until you acknowledge that the energy that you BE is a contribution to you, to others and the earth, you will contribute to others based on what you have decided they desire and require rather than looking into their world and having the awareness of what true contribution is.

If someone is choosing to drink themselves to unconsciousness every day or take drugs, it is unkind to try to stop them. The kindest contribution may be to help them know for sure if they would like to destroy their lives. And then contribute to that. Very controversial I know, but the more you try to control someone the more they resist. If you help them, they go ‘What are you doing? Do you want me to die?” Then your response can be, “Apparently that is what you would like, I’m helping you” (Not from trying to control, or proving a point) That is honouring someone’s choice.  

You Are Not Alone 

Most of us have been indoctrinated into a bastardized point of view of what it means to be independent. We buy the lie that being independent means that I must do it all by myself. It IS up to you to take control of generating and creating your life. No one else truly can. However, it is not the effort that creates your life. You probably will have to work too!  It is the energy and the choice to be and receive contribution. Do you know you can receive a massive amount of energy from nature and the planet, the universe and everything?  When you think that you are alone, when you conclude that you have to prove your worth, you stop yourself from asking and receiving the gifts that everything is offering to you.   

Using Energy to Create 

How you use your energy is paramount to the success or failure of actualising whatever it is that you would like to be or create. You can create what you desire way faster by generating energy from an armchair than you can by working thousands of hours, without being connected to your being and everything and everyone. Be clear and succinct on what you desire. Be congruent with your ask, I.e become that energy from the space of connecting on a deep level with your very being, dropping all walls and barriers, and asking to receive the contribution that is available for you.

A lack of willingness to receiving contribution from everything and everyone around you creates a sense lack, need and greed. On the other hand, receiving contribution from every molecule on this planet and in the universe empowers you to go beyond the limitation of this reality and create a reality beyond. Thriving is entirely possible. That’s what truly living is. A question creates more choice which creates more possibility – you just have to contribute your energy and receive.


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