What People Say

Simone Milasas

I have known Moira Bramley for at least 10 years. Moira will be direct and empower you to choose more in every area of your life. She has a unique capacity to be vulnerable with any area of your life that you think you have a problem with. She will contribute to you changing your reality!

Susanna Mittermaier

Moira is a true queen of creation. She is embodying the awareness that everything is possible. In her presence you get the sense that “ask and you shall receive”, is a reality if you choose it.

Lisa Murray

Moira Bramley has the rare gift of finding a gift in everything. Her capacity for gratitude is amazing. Whether she is speaking about money, wealth, riches or having everything you want, her awareness of what could change or be different offers an ever-expanding adventure. Conversations with Moira always deliver priceless ‘aha’ moments and a playful exploration of different choices. I’m so grateful for the gift that Moira is to me and the world!

Chiara Dolza

Lady Moira’s kindness and caring match an out of this world joyfulness and enthusiasm! She will facilitate you with humour and irreverence and ride along in the undiscovered lands of awareness and possibilities. Shall you dare.

Grace Hart

I was on a career pension and felt like I was a waste of space. I now live in a prize winning home, have attended many access courses I never dreamed I could afford. I have my own car, and the best bit of all, I am running my first bars class this Saturday and starting to actually make a living being a contribution to our world! Who would have guessed that I could actually be the change the world has been waiting for. Moira during a money class asked me just one question and from that all the above and more is showing up. Moira YOU are a gift, thank you for being the space and energy of magic, money, kindness in my world.

Sigrid Welder

With her intense search of becoming more of herself Moira is a brilliant exemplar for all the seekers in the world. Her openness and willingness to change, contributes to everybody around her.

Would you like to be more present and aware in your life? Would you like to step up and be more potent and create more in your life than you ever did? Then contact Moira.

Sue Cotter

I chose this last How to Become Money Workbook series with Moira. At the beginning it was all about receiving, upping my receiving, then during the series it all began to change. I got to see gifting more than ever before. I love to gift and somewhere I forgot about how much I love to gift. Moira showed me something so different – a new place I accessed and now I am living from here….this space of gifting and receiving …..to say my life has changed is an understatement. If you are looking to change something – it does not have to be financial, this series applies to everything. This lady has access to something I never knew and now I do too, it’s only the BEginning.

Paula Easton

I’d recommend Lady Moira as she gets to know her audience, has awareness that makes it fun to be awakened, always giving me great tools to be successful on my journey. Lady Moira has inspired me and I admire the very being she has created.

Katya Novisova

How to Become Money Workbook Telecall Testimonial

When I came on the call, I was just dreaming about buying a flat and it was this weird idea that was not even easy to know what sort of home it could be, where I can find the money, and how it could be possible. And what I did during these 10 calls, I found a perfect, gorgeous place and  created one project a month for the mortgage. 

There were many changes with my mind, my body, and living with money, indulgence, and self respect; it was a really amazing change. And I know that it’s only the first step, and there were many many miracles after that in terms of receiving some international projects, travel to London and to Bali, where I was treated like a princess, which had never happened at that level of grace before.

I really want to thank you for organizing it, I want to thank Moira for what she shared with us, and myself for being willing to receive it and choosing. I want to go for the next call, I want to keep this one because it was very intense for me, I want to digest it and go for the next.

Foundation - Slovenia - July '22

Eva V

This was something different. Moira has the capacity to be accurately aware of what is up in everybody’s universe and address it with a lightness & ease that creates a space of possibility, beyond wrongness or having to improve yourself. She opened a doorway for me I had long been asking for. MAGICAL, AWESOME & VERY PRAGMATIC and how does it get any better than this?


With Moira I went through my first Foundation class, that has changed everything in my life: money, relationship, understanding and receiving my Xmen capacities.

And that class in July was my first Foundation, that I has translated alone full day. And it was amazing experience, I got how much ease and space I can have with intensity in other's people worlds.

It's like I knew it before, but has  received only this time.

Foundation with Moira for me also about  very deep and true commitment to your life, your reality and your awareness. It's about honesty to yourself, when you really start seeing people's agenda and can change any mood or intensity of body awareness in one second.

And after this foundation on the next day I first time climbing mountains after serious  trauma of my ankle. It was so much ease. May be I chose more communion with my body and saw, where I'm still defending and avoiding intimate conversation with my own body. So, it really has changed something on physical level.

Thank you so much, brilliant Lady Moira😍

Tatjana J

As second (or third if I count Global F.) foundation class after one year of intensive access journey, it was point when I gave intention that it is new foundation after all I proceed in last year (the most surprise and intensive processes were related to tween flame soul, many entities, demons, portal, healing of others with no conscious choice etc) and setting new foundation for/with kids as well.

It was not like expected as Moira is opening and gifting and showing new space: gentle, generous, calm, vulnerable, that allow me to jump in with allowance and perceive and receive from all visible and invisible contributors in class. It was much more that classic foundation class by the book.

With ease and allowance (after many classless I did) first time I perceived us as a team, as magical orchestra of beautiful souls, their kids and dogs, wherein each and every was contribution and we were ONE. Is it just my perception, change and allowance or capability of facilitator?

My body reacted with headaches day after class; during trip across my home country I got swollen legs as my body started to spontaneously heal family members and I faced all these symptoms differently with awareness, with no reaction or fear (that was present before class in case of such a symptoms) and I change it in short time with questions.

Thank you Moira and thank you all beautiful beings for magical and life changing 4 days at Bled! Love you All!!!

 Elise H

Whoohooo sooo much change in my way of thinking. Asking more questions and choose what I want. And asking my self why I hold on to things? That makes life so much easier and fun and light.

Carolena V

Moira's awareness, energy and facilitation is beyond words and so was this Foundation. I came away after 4 days with so much space and ease in my universe and much more of me. Thank you Moira I'm immensely grateful for what you be and that I met you.

Ute S

Moira's facilitation - super kind, yet very clear and spot-on - is amazing and so nurturing. She perceives what's going on in your world and be-s with you through your change process. I blew away chunks of the foundation of my life during those four days and have caught a glimpse of how much more is possible. Thank you!

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