Restoring Your Connection with the Earth

I recently watched ‘One Strange Rock’ on Netflix – a film told through the perspective of astronauts and narrated by Will Smith. It was such an incredible reminder that we live on a stunningly beautiful planet, and that our bodies are made for THIS planet –  our bodies need gravity, the biome, the energies, rhythms and everything else this planet requires to thrive!

Your presence on this planet is no accident. You, having a body is also a deliberate choice. It may not always seem like this.  Many of us spend a lot of time ignoring our bodies and not wanting to be here. We lack awareness of the capabilities of bodies rather than acknowledging the magic of them.

At a consciousness conference in New Zealand I experienced a communion with the earth that was truly beyond words. Light flooded into the room and I became one with the planet. I felt the immensity of the earth’s presence and its intense gratitude for all that was being created. 

There were Maori people in attendance who did the Haka in gratitude for the land and the consciousness that was contributed to the earth through the facilitation of Gary Douglas. Indigenous people have a connection with the earth that most people don’t. 

I felt so alive and I was crying with gratitude. These kinds of magical experiences are available to all of us if we are willing to ask for them and willing for your body and being be totally connected with the earth.

Peace can only be present when your body is connected with the earth. Nature is peaceful, even in the midst of extreme weather conditions and violent eruptions and quakes. When you tap into the underlying energy, it's like a murmuring volcano. Our lack of connection ensures we have no peace. 

A simple way to restore your communion with the earth is to have someone hold the bottom of each of your feet with their whole hands while asking for the energy ‘Restoration of Communion with Earth’. The energy of the earth will begin to flow through your body, bringing it alive through the process of receiving. It may take quite a few sessions before you become this energy. Having this energy process run on your body for 30 – 90 minutes a couple of times a week will connect your body with the life-force energies that create aliveness.

You can use this energy process for many situations where peace and calm is needed – trauma, accidents, jet-lag, exhaustion, with  animals and people who are ADHD or on the autism spectrum.

Becoming connected with the earth is life-changing.


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