Being Space

When you are in the ocean, or in a forest, you perceive space and peace. What you’ve been making significant becomes less important and so you become aware of yourself as space and peace. When you are in a people busy place you perceive all the energetic gunk (judgement) that everyone perpetually creates and it seems like the space disappears and there’s no room for you to BE.

The difference between these two situations is the choice you make of how much density and intensity you vibrationally attune to in order to fit in. In nature, you drop your barriers, you relax into being the space of you and you shift your frequency to match the energy of nature – which is space and peace.

With people, as opposed to trees, you buy the contraction as real, as well as fitting in with the status quo of everyone else’s points of view, conclusions and judgements so that you can all pretend to be comfortable. Except that no-one is actually comfortable as you’re trying to fit the magnificent being that you are into a tiny body.

Or you resist and react - same result.

Contracting yourself to energetically match the intensity and density of judgement is akin to killing your being and stopping yourself from receiving the choices, possibilities and wealth that could be yours.

You can practice every day, by closing your eyes and expanding beyond your body, the room you are in and keep going. You are being the space between the molecules when you have ease, when everything flows, when you are not bumping up against solid energetic clunky things. Space is what you be where you have no point of view, no conclusions - no form and structure. When you function from fitting in to the polarity of people, you limit the space you can perceive and be, rather than enjoying the expansive bliss of having a reality that works for you.

Have you noticed that you tend to hang out with people that have similar points of view or limitations to you? That creates a resonance and frequency that creates a ‘reality’. It takes courage to acknowledge being different and that this reality isn’t enough for you. It takes even more courage to step out of the vibrational virtual reality that keeps you limited to what already exists.

If you want to be occupy more space, you have to demand that you become a different resonance and frequency. You have to be the forest, the mountain, the ocean and the planet. You have to practice daily relaxing expanding and receiving.


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