Are you settling for less than you can have?



Look at your life. How different is it to that of your family and friends? You can live a life that is a tiny bit better, or you can be the anomaly you are and choose a quantum leap that goes far beyond your conditioning and background.

If you’re not satisfied with ‘just a little bit more’, or somehow you’ve fallen into the trap of settling for less, you’ve landed right where you need to be. My invitation to you is to demand way more, and to be the person who receives everything you’re choosing.

I grew up in extreme poverty and yet I’ve lived a life of wealth since my twenties. The multiple miseries of my childhood made me determined to live a hugely different life. I was not going to suffer!

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I know what it is to never fit in. I know the sense of failure that comes from having learning difficulties. I know the pain of living with an alcoholic. I know the limitations of always seeking approval and giving myself up, so as to not rock the boat. I also know that we all have what it takes to create beyond our circumstances. To be the anomaly that generates a phenomenal life in situations that stop most people.

Becoming that anomaly and getting free of settling for less is the process of daring to stand out. Daring to be different. Daring to live boldly. I dare you!

Where Do You Start?



Daring to stand out takes courage. When you stop giving yourself up for anyone who likes you, validates you, judges you or allows you to feel like you fit in, it makes people uncomfortable. 

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Are you willing to create beyond the tension of trying to fit in?

Are you willing to become a brilliant leader by never making other people’s limitations, insecurities and neediness a priority?

Are you willing to be the generative source of your own life, rather than depending on others to build you up?

This is the change that being truly wealthy asks of you. If you’re ready to become all that you can be, explore how we can work together.

It’s a journey, not a destination.

For me, that journey was exponentialised when I found Access Consciousness®. Despite my life looking lovely on the outside, on the inside I was dying. I was training to be a psychotherapist but I knew it wasn’t going to work because it was focused on problems. Access Consciousness has taken me beyond problems and into possibilities.

If you’d like to change the unchangeable, you can start with Access Bars® and then the Access Foundation® classes. They are a fast-track to going deeper with more ease than anything else I’ve found.



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