“Off with their heads” may have been a popular approach in the past, but it has nothing to do with being a true Queen.

Your castle is as big or as small as your world is. Being the Queen of that world is an invitation to be as courageous, as vulnerable and as graceful as you are at your greatest.

Our most comfortable choices lead us to being the queen of other people’s castles or having no castle at all. I was a corporate wife for years and I chose to hide in the background and not be the Queen I could be.

It’s easy to allow others to make choices for us, or make no choice at all. A real Queen won’t settle for that. To become the Queen of your castle, you must discover the contribution you are, become aware of your gifts and commit to living the life that creates greatness — for you and the world.

Join me for four calls where we’ll explore the contribution you can be in the world, the choices you could make, and what you’re truly asking for.

P.S. You know that Queen’s have more money than princesses right?


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