3 Day Body Class

Milan, Italy 

with Moira Bramley 

What would it be like if you had space, potency, power and possibility with your body, instead of pain, suffering, judgement and conclusion?

Hosted by
Mariapaola Diffatti, Anna Paola Cattaneo & Marco Tessiore


20-22 September 2024
9:30-5:00pm CEST
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3 Days


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Live: Milan, Italy
Venue TBD

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The Foundation within 12 months

The Foundation with any facilitator at any time AND

an Advanced Class with Gary or Dain, 3 or more days long within 12 months (live or online only)

a Choice for Possibilities class with any facilitator within 12 months

This prerequisite does not include telecalls

Moira Bramley
 Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

About Moira Bramley
Moira Bramley is an exceptional individual who helps others recognize that the accepted reality is a false construct. She specializes in guiding those seeking deeper connections to their true selves and the genuine nature of reality, challenging the belief that "That's just the way life is."

All Of Life Comes To Me with Ease, Joy & Glory

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