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Choosing More
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Have you awakened that giant sleeping within? You know that moment you finished a class or tele call series and you just want more More of you, more ease, more possibilities … more awareness?

Join Moira Bramley for Choosing More monthly or yearly membership

Next Call: 25th March

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Creating From Being, Not Doing
Gift Call

You Know You are the Universe and Magic

18th February

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Receiving You

Receiving you is intense peace of being oneness; receiving the world nurturing you, your creations and your body.

19th February

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The Foundation Class

Access Foundation Class reintroduces you to accessing your awareness and gives you tools that are a foundation from which to reconnect with who and what you truly are - what you have hidden from you. It gives you access to everything you know that is, actually, true and that is a lie and what is truly possible for you.

4-7 March

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Gifting & Receiving
1 Day Class

This class is about stepping into being so different from what is the norm here that you will always have the upper advantage in everything you be, do, have, create and generate.

8th March

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How to Become Money Workbook Teleseries

The How to Become Money Workbook is about reconnecting with you as the intimacy and capacities you be. It is about stepping into being what you actually are. Are you ready to choose this, now?

10 Calls | Starting 17th March

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When You Dont Fit

Still trying so hard to fit in?

Co-facilitated with Sul Wynne-Jones

3 Part Telecall | 1, 3 & 5 April

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