Restoring Your Connection with the Earth

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2020

I recently watched ‘One Strange Rock’ on Netflix – a film told through the perspective of astronauts and narrated by Will Smith. It was such an incredible reminder that we live on a stunningly beautiful planet, and that our bodies are made for THIS planet –  our bodies need gravity, the biome, the energies, rhythms and everything else this planet requires to thrive!

Your presence on this planet is no accident. You, having a body is also a deliberate choice. It may not always seem like this.  Many of us spend a lot of time ignoring our bodies and not wanting to be here. We lack awareness of the capabilities of bodies rather than acknowledging the magic of them.

At a consciousness conference in New Zealand I experienced a communion with the earth that was truly beyond words. Light flooded into the room and I became one with the planet. I felt the immensity of the earth’s presence and its intense gratitude for all that was being created. 


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Being Space

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2020

When you are in the ocean, or in a forest, you perceive space and peace. What you’ve been making significant becomes less important and so you become aware of yourself as space and peace. When you are in a people busy place you perceive all the energetic gunk (judgement) that everyone perpetually creates and it seems like the space disappears and there’s no room for you to BE.

The difference between these two situations is the choice you make of how much density and intensity you vibrationally attune to in order to fit in. In nature, you drop your barriers, you relax into being the space of you and you shift your frequency to match the energy of nature – which is space and peace.

With people, as opposed to trees, you buy the contraction as real, as well as fitting in with the status quo of everyone else’s points of view, conclusions and judgements so that you can all pretend to be comfortable. Except that no-one is actually comfortable as you’re trying...

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